Optimising Water Management for Manufacturing

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, water usage and treatment present unique challenges. Tasman Water Technologies stands as your trusted partner, equipped with a team of experts boasting extensive experience in crafting tailored water management plans to meet the diverse needs of manufacturing processes.

Championing Water Quality in Manufacturing

One of the most common challenges in manufacturing is the need to filter and dispose of dissolved heavy metals found within wastewater. These metals, including copper, lead, chromium, iron, and mercury, pose environmental and regulatory concerns. Our team excels in decontaminating wastewater, removing these heavy metals, and restoring pH balance. This process not only ensures compliance with environmental regulations but also enables water recycling before safe discharge from the system.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Services

In addition to heavy metal removal and pH correction, Tasman Water Technologies offers a range of services tailored to manufacturing needs, including:


Efficient dewatering solutions to manage water resources effectively.

Water Clarification

Our services enhance water clarity and quality, ensuring optimal manufacturing processes.

Silt Separation

Effective silt separation is crucial for maintaining the integrity of equipment and pipelines.

Chemical Water Pre-Treatment

We provide pre-treatment solutions to optimise the quality of water used in manufacturing processes.

Oil and Water Separation

Our solutions ensure efficient separation of oil and water, crucial for both process efficiency and environmental compliance.

Sludge Management

Responsible management of sludge reduces waste and environmental impact.

Customized Solutions for Manufacturing Challenges

We recognise that each manufacturing operation is unique, and our commitment is to deliver tailored solutions that address the specific challenges faced by your processes. Our team's expertise ensures that we can adapt and optimise water management plans to meet the diverse requirements of manufacturing operations.

Tasman Water Technologies is your partner in ensuring efficient and responsible water management for manufacturing. Our comprehensive services, commitment to environmental responsibility, and dedication to delivering cost-effective and high-quality solutions set us apart. Together, we can build a future where manufacturing processes are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible and sustainable. Join us in the journey towards responsible manufacturing practices and water resource conservation.
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