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With over two decades of dedicated experience, Tasman Water Technologies stands as a proven leader in the field of sludge handling, specialising in the treatment of slurries and sludges stemming from a diverse range of municipal and industrial wastewater systems. Our comprehensive approach includes the utilisation of specially-designed equipment that significantly enhances plant operations and overall efficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Compositions

One of the key challenges in sludge handling is the wide variation in composition that can be encountered across different sites. At Tasman Water Technologies, we recognise that each composition combination necessitates a specific set of treatments to manage and dispose of safely.

Our expertise extends to addressing the unique characteristics of sludge and slurry, which often comprise a mix of wet and solid contaminants, including chemicals, biosolids, heavy metals, water, mud, and oils.
Sludge and Slurry Handling

Understanding the Types of Sludge and Slurry

There are three main categories of sludge and slurry, each with its distinct characteristics:

Primary Sludge

Produced through processes such as chemical precipitation and sedimentation, primary sludge typically contains a significant portion of solid material and requires specialised treatment.

Waste Activated Sludge (WAS)

To maintain the biological system's balance, excess microorganisms are removed from the waste activated sludge, making it a critical component of wastewater treatment.

Chemical Sludge

This type of sludge is generated when chemicals are employed to precipitate and remove phosphorus in wastewater treatment processes.
Tasman Water Technologies' commitment to excellence extends to providing tailored solutions for the unique challenges posed by each type of sludge and slurry. Our specialised equipment and industry-specific knowledge ensure that your wastewater treatment plant operates efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with environmental regulations.

When you partner with Tasman Water Technologies for your sludge handling needs, you're selecting a team that understands the intricacies of wastewater management, waste reduction, and disposal. Our goal is to enhance the sustainability of your operations while ensuring the safe and responsible handling of sludge and slurry. Join us in making a significant difference in wastewater management, and let's work together towards a cleaner and more environmentally responsible future.
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