Meeting Industrial Water Demands

In various industrial sectors, from power plants to municipal drinking water facilities, the need for a substantial and consistent water supply is paramount to keep essential processes running smoothly. Water intake stations play a critical role in ensuring that these processes operate optimally, maintaining safe and efficient production.
Water intake station services

Applications of Intake Stations

Water intake stations serve a multitude of applications, including but not limited to:

Cooling and Condensation

Industries reliant on a constant inflow of water for cooling and condensation purposes rely on intake stations to provide a stable water source, preventing disruptions that can compromise safety and efficiency.

Potable Water Production

Municipal drinking water facilities depend on intake stations to source and treat raw water, ensuring that the water delivered to homes and businesses meets stringent quality standards.

Wash Water

Many industrial processes require a consistent supply of wash water for cleaning and maintenance operations, and intake stations facilitate this crucial resource.

General Process Water

Various manufacturing and industrial processes rely on intake stations to deliver the water needed for their operations, contributing to overall efficiency.


In regions with limited freshwater resources, desalination plants use intake stations to draw seawater for treatment, providing a vital source of fresh water.


Agricultural operations depend on intake stations to provide irrigation water for crops, supporting sustainable farming practices.


Intake stations are integral to hydropower generation, ensuring a continuous flow of water to drive turbines and generate electricity.

Our Expertise

At Tasman Water Technologies, our team of dedicated professionals possesses a deep understanding of the specific water requirements and challenges faced within the industrial sector. We recognise that industrial processes demand continuous high-flow rates, necessitate the removal of multiple contaminants, and rely on reliability and redundancy measures to prevent pump failures while maintaining ongoing energy efficiency.
Our commitment to excellence means that we provide tailor-made solutions for intake stations, ensuring they meet the exacting demands of your industry. From designing intake systems that efficiently remove contaminants to implementing redundancy measures that prevent downtime, our solutions are crafted with precision and expertise.
When you partner with Tasman Water Technologies for your raw water intake needs, you are aligning with a team that understands the critical role of water in industrial processes and is dedicated to ensuring a seamless, reliable, and sustainable water supply for your operations. Together, we can meet the challenges of industrial water demands head-on and contribute to the continued success of your enterprise.
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