Elevating Oil and Gas Operations: Specialised Water Treatment Solutions

In the world of oil and gas, water and wastewater treatment is a pivotal component of operations, vital for both efficiency and environmental compliance. These operations often unfold in some of the most challenging environments, be it on offshore platforms or remote onshore refineries.

Tasman Water Technologies, with its extensive experience and expertise, stands as a steadfast partner, poised to deliver tailor-made solutions for the oil and gas industry. We cater to the unique needs of upstream, midstream, and downstream water treatment, offering a comprehensive range of products, state-of-the-art equipment, and efficient techniques for the removal of all types of water contaminants.
Oil and Gas Operations: Specialised Water Treatment Solutions

A Multitude of Services

Some of the most sought-after services we provide to the oil and gas industry include:

Oil and Water Separation

Our solutions ensure efficient separation of oil and water, crucial for both process efficiency and environmental compliance.

Sludge Management

Effective and responsible management of sludge is a cornerstone of our services, minimising waste and environmental impact.

pH Correction

We offer pH correction solutions to maintain water quality and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

Dissolved Metals Removal

Our specialised techniques remove dissolved metals from wastewater, preventing contamination and facilitating responsible disposal.

Chemical Water Pre-Treatment

We provide pre-treatment solutions to optimise the quality of water used in oil and gas processes.

Silt Separation

Efficient silt separation solutions are essential for maintaining the integrity of equipment and pipelines.

Phosphorus Removal

Our expertise extends to phosphorus removal, a critical aspect of environmental compliance.


In areas with limited freshwater resources, our desalination solutions provide a reliable source of fresh water for various oil and gas processes.


We offer demineralisation services to ensure the purity of water used in critical operations.

Seawater Filtration

Our advanced seawater filtration systems deliver clean and usable seawater, supporting offshore operations.

Meeting Challenges Head-On

The oil and gas industry presents unique challenges, and Tasman Water Technologies is equipped to address them comprehensively. Our commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and operational excellence ensures that we deliver solutions that not only optimise processes but also minimise environmental impact. We understand the importance of water and wastewater treatment in the oil and gas sector, and we are dedicated to forging a path toward a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future for the industry. Join us in this journey towards excellence in oil and gas water treatment.
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