Empowering the Mining Industry: Tailored Dewatering Solutions

The mining industry operates amidst an intricate web of dewatering challenges, all while navigating the rigorous landscape of environmental regulations. Tasman Water Technologies stands as a dependable partner, ready to craft the perfect solution for any mining dewatering project. Our commitment is to provide our customers with time-tested solutions, meticulously designed through the fusion of our specialised equipment, high-quality products, and our team of experienced, innovative problem solvers.

Versatility for Mines of All Types and Capacities

No mining operation is too complex or too vast for Tasman Water Technologies to handle. We take pride in our ability to deliver tailored solutions, specifically calibrated to meet the unique demands of mining dewatering projects, regardless of scale or type.
Mining dewatering

Comprehensive Services for Mining

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses a wide range of critical aspects for the mining industry, including:

Water Clarifiers for pH Correction

We offer water clarifiers that correct pH levels, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and safeguarding the environment.

Dissolved Metal Removal

Tasman Water Technologies specialises in removing dissolved metals from mining wastewater, preventing contamination and ensuring responsible disposal.

Sludge/Slurry Management

Our expertise extends to efficient and sustainable management of sludge and slurry, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Disposal Services

We provide safe and compliant disposal services for mining waste, adhering to industry best practices and government regulations.

Dust Management Systems

Our innovative dust management systems enhance workplace safety and environmental compliance in mining operations.

Championing Water and Energy Conservation

Tasman Water Technologies is deeply committed to conserving water and energy resources. We steadfastly adhere to industry best practices and strict government regulations. Wherever possible, we seek opportunities to treat and reuse mining wastewater, significantly reducing operating costs and lessening the industry's environmental footprint.

When you choose Tasman Water Technologies as your partner in mining dewatering, you are selecting a team that not only understands the intricate challenges of the mining industry but also shares your commitment to environmental responsibility and operational excellence. Together, we can optimise your dewatering processes, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future for the mining industry. Join us in this transformative journey towards responsible mining practices and resource conservation.
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