Municipal Water Solutions: Over 22 Years of Excellence

For over two decades, Tasman Water Technologies has been a trusted partner for municipal offices, providing invaluable expertise in the development of water treatment, recycling, and safe removal systems. Our extensive experience spans a wide range of municipal water management needs, and we are adept at understanding and adhering to all applicable government regulations. Moreover, we excel in optimising these processes to minimise their impact on the environment.

Government Regulations and Environmental Responsibility

We recognise that municipal water projects demand the highest level of compliance with government regulations. Our commitment to environmental responsibility drives us to not only meet these standards but also exceed them whenever possible. We are dedicated to developing and implementing solutions that minimise the environmental footprint of municipal water treatment and management.
Municipal drinking water

Cost-Effective, High-Quality Solutions

Tasman Water Technologies understands that municipal projects must strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. Whether it's ongoing servicing of municipal drinking water facilities or the creation and implementation of strategies for regional stormwater treatment and disposal, we are committed to providing solutions that meet both criteria.

Common Municipal Services

Our comprehensive range of municipal services includes:


We offer efficient dewatering solutions to manage water resources effectively.

Water Clarification

Our water clarification services ensure that drinking water facilities meet quality standards.

Silt Separation

Effective silt separation is crucial for maintaining infrastructure integrity.

Chemical Water Pre-Treatment

We provide pre-treatment solutions to optimise the quality of water used in municipal processes.

pH Correction

Our pH correction services guarantee that water remains within the desired pH range, adhering to regulatory standards.
Tasman Water Technologies is your dedicated partner in municipal water management. With our wealth of experience, commitment to environmental responsibility, and unwavering dedication to delivering cost-effective, high-quality solutions, we empower municipalities to provide clean, safe water to their communities while safeguarding the environment. Together, we can build a sustainable and responsible future for municipal water management.
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